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2014 (XLVIII)

"Puppy Love" Commercial - Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII

Budweiser's "Puppy Love" #BestBuds
Now that you’ve seen the Budweiser “Puppy Love” Super Bowl XLVIII commercial, learn about the Clydesdales with starring roles! Seven Clydesdales were featured in the one minute commercial but three had leading roles. Interestingly, none of the horses in “Puppy Love” have ever been seen in a Budweiser commercial before.
Learn about the starring Clydesdales on the blog 45 Millions views[1]
Personally I enjoyed this commercial and got a tear in my eye, 5 stars !!!

"Big Game" Commercial 2014 - America Is Beautiful

Coca-Cola's "Big Game" #AmericaIsBeautiful
Near the end of the first half of Sunday's Big Game, Coca-Cola premiered “It’s Beautiful,” a 60-second salute to all Americans and the Coca-Cola moments they share.
Set to “America the Beautiful” sung by Americans in seven languages, the spot features scenes showcasing the country’s expansive landscapes -- from the Pacific shores to the desert Southwest -- interspersed with American neighborhoods, metro cityscapes and tucked-away cafes. “It’s Beautiful” was created to celebrate Coke moments among all Americans who together enjoy ice-cold, refreshing Coke. The ad provides a snapshot of the real lives of Americans representing diverse ethnicities, religions, races and families, all found in the United States.
Read more about the creation of this ad, go behind the scenes, and meet each of the young singers here 9 Millions views[2]
Personally I loved this commercial, 5 stars !!!

1984 - Super Bowl XVIII

"1984" (Apple Macintosh)

Apple's "1984" - Macintosh
Considered by many as one of the best all time TV commercial every made. Created by the advertising agency Chiat\Day (who also did the Think Different campaign for (the then) Apple Computer Inc., it was directed by Ridley Scott, and stared English athlete Anya Major. While one might think it was shown only once during the Super Bowl, the ad was ran on December 15, 1983 just before sign-off (1:00am) on Twin Falls, Idaho TV station KMVT to qualify for 1983 advertising awards.
The commercial ends with a voice-over and scrolling text that read:
On January 24th, Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh. And you'll see why 1984 won't be like “1984.”
Ending with black screen and the rainbow Apple logo appears. 1.1 Millions views[3]
The greatest !!! 5+ Stars !!!

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Top 10 Super Bowl commercials ever made

  • 10. Pepsi, "New Can," Cindy Crawford, 1991
  • 9. Budweiser, "Frogs," 1995
  • 8. Monster, "What Do You Want To Be," 2009
  • 7. McDonald's, "The Showdown," 1993
  • 6. Snickers, "Playing Like Betty White," 2010
  • 5. Ram Trucks, "Farmer," 2013
  • 4. Volkswagen, "The Force," 2009
  • 3. Budweiser, "Respect," 2002
  • 2. Apple, "1984," 1984
  • 1. Coke, "Hey, Kid! Catch," 1979

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  1. 44,998,505, as of 2014-02-07
  2. 8,948,891, as of 2014-02-07
  3. 1,108,969, as of 2014-02-07